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2002 Wild Grape Port

A superb vintage for Wild Grape Port, our 2002s are disappearing fast. Made with Vitis Riparia, one of the only six kinds of grapes native to North America and one of, if not the last, licensed port in the USA. This tawny port is not ordinary. Wild Grape port is full of delicious flavors like caramel and peanut brittle, apricot, plum, raisin, and walnut–all knit harmoniously together.

Cock n Hen

Lean and crisp semi-dry white wine made with a blend of French American Hybrids. It has a slight acidity that adds a spritzy sensation to the wine, complemented by aromas of lemon, lime, green apple and blossoms. Serve with meals featuring wild game birds.

Full Throttle

An extreme wine to match the extreme label licensed by Full Throttle Saloon. This is a smooth dark dry Cabernet Sauvignon jacked-up with French American Hybrids Sabrevois, Petite Pearl and Frontenac. A touch of wine brandy added makes it big, rich, jammy, with berry aromas and hints of red fruit flavors.

Rushmore Red

A semi-Sweet red wine blend of French American Hybrids: Frontenac, Marquette, and Foch. Fruit forward with fruits flavors raspberry and plum. A mouth feel of lively spice-infused feeling.

Rushmore White

A sweet white wine made from a blend of French American Hybrids grown in South Dakota: Edelweiss, Adalmina, Elvira and La Cresent. The result is a big, bright complex wine with tastes of apricot, lime and honey; good body with a light floral and citrussy nose.

Sweet Red

A sweet red wine made from a blend of French American Hybrid grapes: Valiant, Beta, Concord. It is a tangy integration of rip raspberry, red currant, and plum with a peppery spice note.

Sweet White

A sweet wine with flavors of peaches and orange blossoms, it is citrussy and fruity with a blend of French American Hybrids, Sommerset, Brianna, Prairie Star and La Cresent.

Tickle Me! Rhubarb

This Rhubarb wine is a tart but sweet rosé made from Crimson Red rhubarb stalks grown in South Dakota. This gives it a slightly pink color with hints of freshly picked rhubarb. Excellent all by itself or served with Key Lime Pie.

Turkey Ridge Creek Chardonnay

Our Chardonnay is pleasing and sleek with hints of wood on the palate. Lively aromas and flavors of ripe apple, mineral, slate and oak. Pair it with toasted baguettes topped with thinly sliced chicken and melted Gruyere cheese.

Turkey Ridge Creek Merlot

A semi-dry Merlot well-balanced with smooth tannins. A touch of Frontenac creates a wild blackberry and red fruit flavor with a long clean finish.

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