The Whiskey Trip Podcast

Show Notes:
This week on The Whiskey Trip Podcast, Big Chief travels north to South Dakota to visit and chat with his friend, patriot, statesmen, and distillery owner, Eldon Nygaard. Eldon and his son, Leif, talk about Eldon’s amazing life story and the dream of opening a distillery.

In the first half Big Chief, Eldon, and Leif sip on a glass of the Clay Turner South Dakota Straight Bourbon that has been aged four years and is 80 proof. In the second half the guys sample the Clay Turner Rye, aged five years and is 80 proof. They finish off the show sipping on a glass of the Clay Turner Rye that is bottled at 108.2 proof. Yes, it hit the spot.

This ride on The Whiskey Trip documents the life and times of Eldon Nygaard, who is a true American hero, veteran, and Purple Heart recipient so that his sacrifices for our way of life are not forgotten. It’s men and women like him that are the reason we maintain our freedoms of speech, expression, and sometimes a great glass of whiskey with friends.

Mike’s Bio:
Mike (Big Chief) is a Retired US Coast Guard Chief and currently works for the US Coast Guard as a port security specialist in Port Arthur, Texas. He, his wife Vivian and their dog Woodrow live on a small farm in Orange Texas.

Big Chief has been podcasting for over 4 years and has interviewed the who’s who of whiskey. He is the founder, host and owner of The Whiskey Trip podcast. He enjoys the outdoors and living life to the fullest. Mike can often be found by a fire or in the pool with Vivian and Woodrow listening to music and drinking a great beverage.